For the Manga of the same name, see DEMON'SPLAN (Manga).

Real demon's plan
Object Information
Japanese Name 悪魔の設計図 (デモンズプラン)
Rōmaji Name Demonzupuran
Object Description
Quirk Type
Quirk Range
First Appearance
Manga Debut Process 1
Anime Debut

The Demon's Plan (悪魔の設計図 (デモンズプラン)  Demonzupuran; literally meaning "Demon's Blueprint") is a magic device that bestows power to those with great desire and turns them into demons.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Desire Based Power BestowmentEdit

Granting power

The DEMON'SPLAN granting Boro power before crumbling apart.

The DEMON'SPLAN grants to its chosen ones power to fulfill their true, unique, extraordinary desires:

  • Desire to Destory (破壊慾 Hakai Yoku): Carlos' desire for destruction granted him the Blood Mist Wings.[2]
  • Desire to Protect (守護慾 Shugo Yoku): Boro's desire to protect granted him the Red Armor.[2]
  • Desire to Collect (収集慾 Shūshū Yoku): [3]
  • Desire to Dominate (支配慾 Shihai Yoku): [4]
  • Desire for Justice (正義慾 Seigi Yoku): [5]


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