Chapter 3 cover
If You Think I'm Just a Country Bumpkin
 Date Released December 5, 2016
 Kanji おのぼりさんかと思ったら
 Romaji O-nobori-san kato Omottara
 Volume 1
 WSJ issue #1, 2017
 New Character(s) Salvia;
Veronika Strelitzia
process 2
process 4

If You Think I'm Just a Country Bumpkin (おのぼりさんかと思ったら O-nobori-san kato Omottara) is the third chapter of DEMON'SPLAN.

Short SummaryEdit

Upon arriving at Cross City, following the advice of an old man, Boro heads to find an information broker; only to be turned down due to his lack of money for payment. Later during the night, about to get robbed, Boro fends off a group of thugs after being lead into an alleyway. The thug escapes but is killed by a demon who is accompanied by Patron.

Long SummaryEdit

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Boro
  2. Salvia
  3. Carlos Diarose
  4. Veronika Strelitzia
  5. Patron



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