Veronika Strelitzia (ベロニカ ストレリチア Beronika Sutorerichia)[1] is the "Collectionist" demon involved with the DEMON'S PLAN.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Demon AbilitiesEdit

After becoming a demon from being chosen by the DEMON'SPLAN, Veronika gains a variety of abilities: Unnamed Power: By touching an object, with the palm of his hand, Veronika can open up a small pocket space. Using this power, he can store objects and weapons such as guns and knives; from which they are separated by category and arranged by rank, all inside of him.[2] Once stored, Veronika can summon any object whenever he chooses to, from anywhere on his body, in order to aid him in battle.[3]

  • Anti-Tank Artillery Fire GH-3 (対戦車砲撃GH (ジーエイチ) -3 Taisen-sha Hōgeki Jīeichi-3): A multitude of various weapons and artillery bursts out from his torso with multiple blades sprouting out from his legs; pinning him to the floor, Veronika fires a huge explosive towards his opponents causing great damage to the area.[4]
  • Missile: From creating a large portal from his abdomen, Veronika summons a missile and fires it towards his enemies; causing immense damage. The damage the blast does is so great that is kills Veronika himself if he is standing too close. He claims that the Anti-Tank Artillery is nothing compared to it.[5](Unnamed)
Regeneration: After getting his hand blown off, Veronika instantly regenerated it.[6]
Immortality: As a demon, Veronika cannot age or die of old age.[7]

Battles and EventsEdit



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